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Ta-De Produce Distributing annually selects top products for its season line-up. This can expand or change at any time. Be sure to check for updates or request our Crop Calendar at 520-281-1932, also read below about our SIGNATURE BRANDS.

All our products are grown under sustainable and socially-responsible conditions, with strict pesticide residue testing before shipping.  They include:

  • GREEN BEANS (what we are most known for), from October through May
  • BELL PEPPERS:  Green and Colored (Yellow, Orange and Red)  Available in “blocky” or elongated varieties (red only), our peppers start shipping in December, though April.
  • MINI and SPECIALTY PEPPERS:  Royal Gems (photo) available March through May.  HABANEROS and SHISHITOS ship December through May.
  • EGGPLANT:  Includes regular (Italian) and four Asian varieties, November though April.
  • TOMATOES.  TOVS and Heirlooms, start January, though May.  Also Organic Romas in limited quantities, in March.
  • SPECIALTY/ASIAN GREENS:   Bittermelon, Moqua, Sinqua, Opo, plus  other squash and cucurbits.  From October on.  (Read more re our Red Lotus program, below)
  • GARLIC:  Rio Sonora Rose, available summer only. (Read about our Rio Sonora Project social responsibility initiative above)

Ta-De has been developing consumer-appealing brands since it launched the El Rey tomato label in the 1930s.  Today, the emphasis on appealing brands and efficient packaging is still a top company goal.  In fact, the old El Rey brand was such a hit, why not refresh and re-launch it?

Our brand management strategy helps our customers match the assortment with their shopper profile, offering both conventional and specialty item to meet every need, as follows:
El Rey box  El Rey  — the King of our brands — offers an assortment of our “workhorse” items of premium grade, plus value-added presentations such as bags, totes, etc., including beans, tomatoes (TOVs and Heirlooms), peppers, cucumbers, and more.  Our new Royal Gem (a sub-brand) sweet mini-peppers (photo) are also under this umbrella, ideal for mid- to upper-end chains.  The El Rey label is supported by marketing efforts like dedicated consumer web sites, recipe development programs and promotions .

24b992f7-8c5b-4a77-b2bc-494ec1338118 Red Lotus  —  Includes non-conventional  and specialty items like four types of Asian eggplant, squash such as Opo, Moqua and Sinqua;  cucurbits like Bittermelon, and hot chili peppers, like Shishitos, habañeros, etc.  Designed to appeal to  the adventurous  cook , Red Lotus is a sophisticated brand ideal for foodservice, ethnic and boutique grocers.  Visit our dedicated site at

IMG_7026Rio Sonora Rose — Launched to introduce our signature summer garlic from this unique production region closest to home, this brand is now expanding into other herbs and items that complement our mainstream offerings, above.  Our Rio Sonora Project, designed as a social responsibility initiative to help growers families in the region, makes this brand relevant to consumers  who want to make a difference by buying differently.

MaidenEarth, — Our MAIDEN-EARTH-FINAL-VECTORnewest and arguably most exciting brand is focused on meeting the unique lifestyle trends of Millennials and younger generations.  Products shipped in this premium label are grown using best practices, including low to no pesticide residue, under socially-responsible and sustainable methods.  A dedicated website features recipes and “hacks” for healthy eating.

Jesus Clark, QA Manager

QUALITY ASSURANCE PROGRAM:   The establishment of a dedicated QA Department headed by a retail chain and USDA veteran means we have measurably raised the bar on how we handle our products.  Read this insightful summary from our QA Manager and how it benefits you HERE.


TaDe BellsGrower Development.  Our grower partners play a critical role in Ta-De’s success.  We work closely with each operation to ensure resources are available for continued success in a challenging marketplace. This grower-focused consulting keeps producers up to date on all areas of best practices (including social responsibility, sustainability and land stewardship) quality control, market trends, logistics, and much more.  Read more about this program HERE, or in Spanish AQUI

Marketing & Promotions.  Our receiver customers benefit from our expert third-party merchandising services, providing regular competitive market intelligence and “tips” for improved display and merchandising.  From time to time, we also support special promotions such as seminars, store openings, advertising and demonstrations to help sell more product or drive traffic to the department.  Contact our Marketing Department at 1-877-281-9305 to learn more.