Asian veg going mainstream


Ta-De Distributing QA expert Jesus Clark, left, and president Bob Bennen are preparing instructional videos about Asian vegetables. 


Opo…Sinqua…or even Moqua may not mean much to you now, but Ta-De hopes to change that.   To promote its Asian vegetable label Red Lotus, the marketing team is putting together a series of short videos that introduce these items to chain buyers and consumers.

“We’re seeing quite a bit of interest from the more adventurous groups, like Millennials, but we see these becoming popular with the older groups too”,  notes president Bob Bennen in a recent Perishable News story.

That’s why Ta-De is featuring more than 20 SKUs of Asian cooking vegetables in its fall line-up, alongside their more traditional winter items.  To be released just in time for the traditional Holidays and also Chinese New Year, these videos will introduce each of the items with brief sourcing and prep tips.

To learn more about Asian produce, visit our dedicated brand site:  To further help distinguish between Asian nationality’s eating preferences, download our white paper on the topic HERE.

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