New season…new items…new attitude

This season we have been expanding our crop line-up to carry the most items Ta-De has ever shipped in our 60+-year history!  Due to consumer demand — especially by Millennials exploring new and easy recipe ideas — we have stepped up with assortment and operational strategies that:

Expand our Mexico production regions to sometimes two to three areas per state.  This allows us to streamline our supply and ensure seamless shipments.

Increase the volume we carry on top-sellers, such as peppers, beans, etc.  We are also introducing more Euro-style packs, such as sleeves. This also allows us to better serve our wholesale colleagues in Nogales and elsewhere.

Explore new items that appeal to a growing ethnic base, such as our Chinese vegetables, and introduce specialty fruit, such as figs, that we see heading mainstream.

Address the trend toward healthier, low-pesticide and more naturally-grown crops, reflected in our newest brand,  MaidenEarth.

Invigorate our commitment to top-level quality and services delivered by our expanded QA/FS and merchandising teams.

This new “Ta-De attitude” for the new season has been well-received by our customers, and we hope that you, too, will find us stronger than ever!

Call Jesus today at 520-281-1932 or email for the revised new Season Calendar and QA Protocol.



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