BIG things in store for Fall

When it comes to produce, once your customers go BIG they never go back.
That’s why Ta-De is pleased  to launch this season with the biggest and best leafy greens we’ve seen in a long time.  Our cauliflower, for example, features florets nine to ten inches in diameter.   This size is sure to impress in your store displays
 All grown in Southern Sonora, there are just a few good reasons why Ta-De should be your go-to resource for vegetables:

1. Proximity to market.  Produce  arrives in our Nogales warehouses often within five hours of harvest. This means fresher for you!

2. Expertise.  Our grower partners have been producing and exporting these veggies for over 20 years.  Innovation and sophistication are the hallmark of this family team, with you benefiting.

3.  Reliability.  Our leafy greens are fully-certified by Primus Labs and SENASICA (Mexico’s stringent food safety system).  This means you can count on seamless sourcing, diversifying regions as needed to ensure full stocks year-round.

Starting September, we expect to ship: broccoli, Brussels sprouts,  carrots, cauliflower, celery,  kale and spinach. 

Due to demand, call Jesus Clark today at 520-281-1932 or email for a quote.

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