New brand touts “health hacks”

This month we are proud to introduce our new brand, MaidenEarth.  The aspirational label will be promoted at trade and to consumers directly using “quick tips” and “lifestyle-type hacks”that take the mystery out of produce selection and preparation.

MaidenEarth was inspired by the Bennen family’s professional chef, along with other food-loving members.  It is based on the fact that Millennials are drawn to health-forward and more natural food messages, while, the same time, they want grab n’ go solutions for their busy lifestyles.

Ta-De has already sponsored community cooking contests and health fairs, which helped solidify our commitment to making produce accessible to all ages and income levels.

A key strategy for the MaidenEarth is to provide what are popularly-known as “hacks”: quick, easy tips on how to select and use.  This will be done through the brand’s new dedicated website (to be launched this summer) plus a mobile app featuring videos and other “how-tos”. Customer handouts are also being considered to go along with in-store demos.

The brand is ideal for the small-to-medium size chains that carry organics but also want a more value-priced option for discerning shoppers who favor socially-responsible growers with a compelling story.  The brand message will emphasize the family’s long-standing produce expertise in an industry were many vendors “come and go”.

MaidenEarth will unite Ta-De’s top-tier growers in a program within  medium-to-premium pricing strategy for its vegetables and fruit, including melons, heirlooms, and new items for its upcoming Fall season, such as squash, melons, figs and other items the company will be handling for the first time

In addition to the MaidenEarth label, we’ll continue to distribute our Red Lotus Asian specialties,  El Rey value vegetables, along with our summer-only Rio Sonora Rose Garlic.

Check back soon and look out for our monthly newsletter for more about this exciting new brand!


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