Stepping out for spring


For this Valentine’s Day, we urged our local farmer’s market, the Mercado, to set up a “Buy Red!” promo with surplus produce we donated:  every item in that color was 50% or more off.
Nice for us…but why is that good for you
While some retailers believe farmer’s markets steal their sales, truth is they work to increase awareness (plus adds trial) and build a value perception for items that shoppers end up buying in your stores.
Former VP Produce for VONS Supermarkets and now retail consultant, Dick Spezzano, agrees:
The exposure helps the regular channels of produce add new items because consumers are  more apt to try new items…We can complement each other.”

Remember that farmer’s markets have very limited volume and are only open a few hours, while retail is there 24/7. There is also the value-added, stay-fresh bag with customer communication (i.e. web link to recipes) they can only find in-store.

This is the effect of the “rising tide lifting all boats”, and when it comes to getting folks to eat more produce, well, we still have a lot of heavy lifting to do.

Our goal is to learn from consumers who shop at these markets, what they are looking for, and how that cross- over shopping benefits you.  Farmer’s markets also reduced impact of food waste on landfills, and allows greater access to those unable to drive to supermarkets. It’s a win/win.

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