Heading to the health fair!


We’ve launched a very exciting initiative with a major Arizona health network, the Mariposa Community Health Center, to help spread the word about healthy eating, and about eating produce, especially.

This partnership is part of the “Healthy Border 2020” initiative developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the México Secretariat of Health.  The goal of the program is “eliminating health disparities and improving the quality of life of all border region residents.”

We are working together on specific activities, including a dedicated website, community recipe contest, plus tastings at the multi-state Binational Health Week on October 7, (photos above, click for caption) along with chef demos at local food markets.  Local food banks will also participate by ensuring supply to residents who are on tight food budgets.

Mariposa Community Health Center’s Senior Director of Community Services, Patricia Molina, expresses enthusiasm for the effort, noting:  “Our group is pleased to have this opportunity to work together with one of the founding produce companies in our region to help us fight the battle of good nutrition in our communities.”

We’ll keep you posted here about our first-ever community nutrition partnership!


 Healthy Border 2020 aims to improve health in the United States-México border region, an area that includes 80 municipios in 6 Mexican states and 48 counties in 4 U.S. states that form the border between México and the United States. http://www.borderhealth.org/healthy_border.php?curr=bhc_initiatives

Mariposa Community Health Center was founded in1980 and is now one of the largest and most comprehensive providers of medical, dental, disease prevention and health promotion services in SE Arizona. http://mariposachc.net/


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