Rio Sonora spring update

IMG_8887 We are now planning our new spring garlic crop and just toured the Rio Sonora region ( Bob Bennen among the fields,  above).   As we posted last season, this is a scenic and fertile region near the old Spanish mission settlement of Tetuachi, just a few hours south of our warehouse.

Ta-De garlic 16This is the recap we posted last season, which still applies:

We are looking to harvest our garlic in early May, and your customers will look forward to having this fresh staple in their kitchens again. Fresh spring garlic has a different flavor than the dry, imported  garlic that has been stored in kitchen baskets during the winter months  It’s a more subtle yet highly-aromatic ingredient.

IMG_7026There are over 70 garlic varieties in production, and our Rio Sonora Rose garlic comes from some of the best seed available.   Increasingly, consumers have been preferring natural purple garlic to avoid the bleach used in white imported garlic.   We noted the uptick in demand last season, and that’s why we have expanded our production.

Of special focus is our Rio Sonora Project  which is designed to help the smaller farming families in the region meet the increasingly-stringent demands of the U.S. marketplace, including education on food safety, sustainability and social responsibility.  We will keep you posted as we expand this program during this new season.

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